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In December 2022, Rosanne was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Breast Cancer.
She managed to complete her panto run, but was forced into a temporary career hiatus throughout most of 2023, while undergoing active treatment.
Despite this, she managed to appear in a commercial for Macmillan Mighty Hikes, and played a cameo role in the feature film, Teddy On The Mountain, before being declared officially cancer free.
Now restored to health, she went on to perform panto throughout December 2023 at Weymouth Pavilion for Enchanted Entertainment.

The Haunting of the Lady-Jane

Rosanne played the role of Kayleigh O'Clearigh in the feature film, The Haunting of the Lady-Jane, which was filmed in 2021, and has been shown as part of a number of international film festivals throughout 2023. The film has won a number of awards, and should be out on general release in 2024.


Sex on the Beach

Written and produced by Rosanne, this short film began life as a short, simple, and uplifting script written during lockdown in 2020.

It was later developed for entry into a script competition for CenterFrame, where it was shortlisted into the top ten "Get It Made" finalists. Rosanne decided to produce and perform her own script, and the short film has been featured in Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions in September and October, 2022.

Beauty and the Beast

Backstage recording of "Into The Fire" performed as a solo by Rosanne in the role of Mauvise, for PHA's Beauty and the Beast, December 2021.

Isolation Creations

While unable to work due to the global crisis caused by COVID-19, Rosanne used her time during isolation to continue training and developing skills online. She created a number of collaborative and solo projects during lockdown, including film, musical, and audio projects, below.

Isolation Creations

Isolation Creations

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Footage from the 2016 production of Cinderella at the Plowright Theatre for Tony Peers Productions, playing Prince Charming.

Mad About the Musicals 
UK Tour 2016

A recording from the UK tour of Mad About the Musicals, 2016, "Greatest Star" from Funny Girl.

A Christmas Carol

Rosanne recorded the voice of Mrs Dilber, Mrs Cratchit, and Ensemble for IT&M's concept album recording of A Christmas Carol. Click the image to hear the musical.

A Christmas Carol

Mother & Son

Rosanne's son, Rowan Kay, is available to work alongside his mother for certain projects. The two have worked together in a number of screen projects, and were cast together in a commercial for The Glass Works in 2022. View their commercial, as well as other videos on Rowan's page, by clicking the image.

Rosanne Priest & son Rowan Kay

Sleeping Beauty

Footage from the December 2022 production of Sleeping Beauty and the Whinging Wicked Witch, in which Rosanne played the witch, Malcontent.


The comedy web-series Ingeneous was written by Rosanne's sister Jill Priest, and performed by both sisters in real life. There are three episodes of this mini web-series, released in 2022.

2Ps presents 'InGeneous'

2Ps presents 'InGeneous'

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