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Much Ado About Nothing

"Rosanne Priest was a wonderful Beatrice, a beautiful delivery of lines in such a fluent and natural way that the character was completely engaging. The verbal sparring between [her and Benedick] was splendid and the physical comedy when they were hiding in the arbour was very well done."

(Theatre Online)

Tony Blair the Musical

"Nathan Kiley is electrifying as Blair and Rosanne Priest as Jowell and Anton Tweedale as Blunkett and Bush are outstanding performers in a strong cast."

(Michael Stewart - Morning Star)


"Thanks to exemplary performances all round, the songs – every now and then – make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end...
All of the cast excelled...
In fact, if this play isn’t on the West End this time next year, we’ll eat our special theatre hat." (Fridaycities)


"A well-voiced and good-looking cast accompany the plethora of lyrically and musically impressive songs... this is entertaining stuff from a highly talented company."

(David Laing - The List)

"Musically sophisticated and zestily performed..."

(The Mail on Sunday)


Mad About The Musicals

"Rosanne Priest gave Liza a run for her money."
(Russ Kane, TV Presenter)

"Rosanne Priest gave a stunning performance of Don’t Cry for Me Argentina which was a highlight for me." (Eira Reviews)

"The three female vocalists were uniformly excellent and each of them stole the show on more than one occasion." (WestBriton)


"The trio of female singers provide some real insights, collectively - notably in a risqué arrangement of Big Spender - and individually... Rosanne Priest, who provides a crispness and vocal strength throughout, finds all the requisite power for What I Did For Love." (The Stage)

"I was very impressed with the female vocalists and the chemistry between the singers." (Scunthorpe Telegraph)

"Mad About the Musicals gives Rosanne chance to display her diverse vocal ability, which is immense."
(Carol B Jason, Professional Musician)

 "The musical performances were absolutely fantastic. There wasn’t a single song that failed to hit its mark, with all the performers putting everything into their parts... All in all, Mad About The Musicals is exactly what it says it is; a huge mash-up of classic musical numbers and beloved songs performed with skill and genuine sincere affection." (York Press)

"As far as the performances were concerned, I cannot fault anyone...  

The supporting cast (Rosanne Priest, Kerry O’Dowd, Nichola Lagan) each performed a number of fabulous songs too... The song list and the performers themselves were first rate... The songs were entertaining, the cast was enthusiastic and the audience appeared to be having a fantastic time."


I Can Get It For You Wholesale 

"The songs deepen the piece emotionally; Rosanne Priest as Ruthie gives a notably strong performance in a number of solos." 

(Elizabeth Shenton - Onlinereview)

"The hard labour of the cast… led by Joseph Wicks as wide-boy Harry, Rosanne Priest as sensible Ruthie, plus Nichola Lagan as the downtrodden secretary, stitch[es] together a lively, mix 'n' match evening."
(Patrick Marmion - The Evening Standard)


"Hugely entertaining, if a touch sentimental, and played with panache (especially by the female leads), this production shows once again what can be achieved on a shoestring. Somebody should run with this all the way to the West End."
(Carol Woddis - Jewish Chronicle)


"Thanks to swift, appealing performances, and a vigorous score and book that shift between venality and schmaltz, you're swept along."
(Ian Johns - The Times)


"In this beautifully balanced musical there are moments of frothy fun and life-affirming sequences but the seriousness of the story is never trivialised. Arcola and Herald Theatre Company's co-production is a perfect ten - funny, joyous and suffused with all the optimism of a second chance granted. On top of that, it is cracking good entertainment, with Harold Rome's wonderful music stirringly played live."
(Alison Freebalm - The Stage)

Rosanne Priest’s staid Ruthie also comes into her own when her courteous facade drops as she rages at the immoral Harry in the bitter On My Way to Love.

(Danny Braverman - ReviewsGate)



"Although playing the ‘Whinging Witch’, Queen Malcontent, Rosanne Priest brings a lot of joy with her fantastic singing voice."

(Sleeping Beauty, Lincolnshire World)

"It was great and you were my daughter's absolute favourite…. 'I know she’s evil, but she is so beautiful!' Great Panto baddie laugh too." (Snow White, Twitter)

"Our six-year-old daughter was entranced from the moment Fairy Godmother, fantastically played by Rosanne Priest, appeared in a flash at curtain up." (Cinderella, Grimsby Telegraph)


"Oldham newcomer, Rosanne Priest has a truly terrific voice, belting through Celine Dion's song from that movie with ease." 

"Principal boy Sara Poyzer and Rosanne Priest (Alice Fitzwarren) were exceptional." (Dick Whittington and his Cat)

"The show closed with stunning versions of song and dance routines from Cabaret, with the talented Rosanne Priest taking the lead role of Sally Bowles. Singing or dancing, she is a spectacular performer."
(Take Two, The Star)

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